A Place In The Sun’s Laura Hamilton breaks silence over sparking concern ‘Very frustrated’
7th March 2022

Laura Hamilton shares memories of home as she moves out

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A Place In The Sun presenter Laura Hamilton had been expecting to fly to Spain yesterday, but instead of soaking up the bright rays of the sun in an exotic location abroad, it was more a bad case of the blues, after she tested positive for Covid. The star took to Instagram to share her frustration with her 153,000 followers.

It’s when I did my test yesterday morning, before travelling to the airport, that I found out that I was Covid positive

Laura Hamilton

“I just wanted to post this story as a few people have asked me: ‘Are you okay?’ following my post yesterday about being positive with Covid,” she began in a clip from Instagram Stories.

“I’m very frustrated because I don’t have any symptoms really – maybe a little bit of a blocked up nose and a little bit of a husky voice,” she continued.

“I did have a cough a few days ago but I actually feel fine and I wouldn’t have done a test, but I’m required to for work.

“It’s when I did my test yesterday morning, before travelling to the airport, that I found out that I was Covid positive.”

Laura had expected to get the all-clear due to feeling normal, but just moments before setting off, her plans were put on ice.

“So very frustrating,” she groaned, “but there you go!”

However, the TV star has the perfect location for any self-isolation she may now choose to do, as she has just arrived at a new, albeit temporary, home.

“I moved into a new rented property which is where I’m staying now for a good few months while I renovate the inside of my house which is all very exciting.”

She added triumphantly: “I’ve unpacked, I’m all set up!”

As someone who typically assists in selling houses, the 39-year-old seemed pleased to be on the receiving end this time and to be moving into a new place of her own.

Newly single Laura split from her husband Alex Goward earlier this year, with whom she shares two children, and she recalled feeling “overwhelmed by sadness” at the ending of their 13-year marriage.

However, there was fresh grief in store over the weekend after her flight plans went awry – and she even felt compelled to publicly apologise to her Channel 4 show colleagues for “letting them down”.

Although her work trip to Spain hasn’t gone ahead as planned thus far, she has fortunately enjoyed other breaks in the land of sun, sand and sangria recently, for both personal and professional reasons.

Less than three months ago, she and fellow A Place In The Sun star Danni Menzies took a ski trip as a pre-Christmas treat.

Recalling the spontaneous getaway on Instagram at the time, she told followers: “It was totally last minute… I only called Danni on Monday and said, ‘I know you will think I’m mad but how do you fancy trying to make it to the mountains on Thursday afternoon?’”

Fortunately for the adventure-hungry property expert, Danni agreed immediately – and so their impromptu ski trip in the Sierra Nevada region began.

She revealed: “Danni loves skiing as much as I do and I couldn’t have wished for a better ski/spa/dinner buddy!”

Joking at their lack of preparations, she added: “We had no ski attire but we made it happen!!!!”

Photos posted at the time showed the friends grinning jubilantly while they slipped into ski boots, gliding along the slopes and sitting down for drinks with a stunning backdrop beside them.

They also gamely hit the pool, in spite of the icy temperatures, which had plummeted to minus six degrees Celsius during the night time, and only a little higher in the day.

It may be a little longer before Laura can return to her beloved Spain, but she has assured fans concerned about her Covid status that she feels okay.

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