50 of the Most Inspiring Women Ever Featured on the Cover of PEOPLE
8th March 2019

Prominent women’s right’s activist

Tennis champions at the time of the Battle of the Sexes

Pioneering chef with beloved TV show

The first female co-anchor of the Today show

Former First Lady who became an editor, arts patron and architectural preservationist

The second female co-anchor of Today and an advocate for working mothers

Musician, philanthropist and national treasure

Saturday Night Live star

Music icon

First lady who was open about her battles with alcoholism

Oscar-winning actress who became the princess of Monaco

First lady

The first female justice on the Supreme Court

First female candidate for vice president for a major political party

Prominent sex-positive therapist

International pop superstar and “man-smasher”

Legendary music icon and outspoken feminist

Massively successful solo artist

American teacher and astronaut killed in the Columbia space shuttle explosion

Music icon who endured a near-fatal accident and went back to performing

Newscaster who opened up the dialogue about having children later in life

Accused Supreme Court justice Clarence Thomas of sexual harrassment and started a national dialogue around workplace assault

Oscar-winning actress and America’s sweetheart

Pioneering businesswoman and television star

British royal and global philanthropist (this posthumous cover was about her legacy)

World Cup-winning athletes

Medal-winning athletes from the 1996 Atlanta Olympics, including gymnast Kerri Strug

Olympic medal winners Kristi Yamaguchi, Oksana Baiul and Ekaterina Gordeeva

Country superstar who overcame poverty to be a bestselling artist

News anchor and advocate for colon health

Rescued POW

American physician who self-treated her breast cancer at the South Pole

International pop icon who went from poverty to superstardom

Grammy-winning musician and breast cancer survivor

Pioneering country trio who spoke out politically

Child stars who channeled their fame into an award-winning fashion empire

First openly gay talk show host

Actress who kicked off the push towards body positivity and acceptance after being criticized for her appearance bikini photos

Groundbreaking female journalist and talk-show host who opened a school for girls in SouthAfrica

Escaped her kidnappers and became a child safety activist

Went public with her decision to get a preventive double mastectomy after being diagnosed with high-risk BRCA-1 gene

Drew attention to the right-to-die movement after battling painful illness

Escaped captivity; wrote a memoir about her ordeal

Music icon who has adopted four children and gives back to their home country of Malawi

Oscar-winning actress who overcame poverty

First female candidate for president from a major political party

The first female co-anchors of the 7 o’clock hour of Today

Olympic gold medalist who spoke out about sexual abuse in the sport

Pioneering (pun intended) Food Network star and entrepreneur

Former First Lady, bestselling author and advocate for children’s health

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