These $11 Disability-Friendly Mascara Wands Grips Make Makeup Accessible, and It's About Time
23rd March 2019

The Safe Grip

Makeup is an art that requires precision and a serious amount of patience. For some beauty-lovers, though, delicately handling itty bitty sticks of eyeliner and slippery tubes of lipstick can make it near impossible to apply makeup, which is why new UK beauty brand Grace Beauty is stepping in with a line of makeup accessories designed specifically with people with physical disabilities in mind. “Anyone, regardless of ability, should be able to use any beauty product they want to,” the Grace Beauty site reads.

As Nylon reported, there are currently three products available on the beauty brand’s site: the Square Grip ($11), the Ring Grip ($11), and the Safe Grip ($11) mascara wand attachments. The innovative attachments at the end of each makeup wand improve grip and make it easier for people with disabilities to apply their mascara. This is just the first product in a line of accessories Grace hopes to roll out in an effort to ensure that makeup is more accessible for those with disabilities — and it’s about time!

The Square Grip attachment is wide enough to fit on both ends of a typical mascara tube, making it easier to open, hold, and apply. The Ring Grip features a finger hold ring meant to reduce the amount of pressure necessary to hold onto the mascara wand. As for the Safe Grip, this attachment is easy to hold and “gives a wide angled grip and ensures better control for all kinds of users.” These accessible beauty products are definitely long overdue, but kudos to Grace for taking all beauty fans into consideration.

Although the brand is based in the UK, the site currently offers worldwide delivery, and preordered items are expected to ship as soon as June 3. As a brand, Grace is still relatively new in the beauty game, so we can only hope that the beauty site will have even more disability-friendly products to offer up soon.

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