The best brow products, treatments and routines behind the greatest eyebrows on Instagram
29th January 2021

Written by Shannon Peter

Wondering how to up the ante on your eyebrow routine? We gathered the influencers with the greatest eyebrows to share their product and treatment recommendations.

Like the search for glowy skin and swishy hair, the pursuit of the perfect set of brows is up there as one of life’s greatest beauty missions. So while I think I’ve just about nailed the perfect two-step routine to fill in my ridiculously sparse brows, I’m always hunting out new product, post-lockdown treatment and technique recommendations to see if I can raise my brow game just that bit higher.

So where do you go for the greatest brow recommendations of them all? The people with the greatest brows, of course. Those whose brows are impossibly full and fluffy and whose bountiful brows effortlessly frame their face.

I corralled five women who are, let’s say, ‘blessed’ in the brow department: Simran Randhawa, Emma Hoareau, Grece Ghanem, Monikh Dale and Amy Lawrenson — yes, the same faces you’ll no doubt spot in your Instagram saved folder. And as you’ll see below, I asked them to share the products they use every day, and the treatments they relied on every month before lockdown, so you can rush to book in an appointment once beauty salons reopen. 

Should you get microblading? Do you need a new eyebrow pencil? Are you yet to uncover the greatest brow pomade? Well, let’s find out, shall we?

Simran Randhawa, @simran

On her natural brows: Luckily, my brows have always had a pretty good natural shape, thickness and arch to them which means I can go up to two months between brow appointments.

On brow treatments: [Before lockdown], I would usually only get a brow wax and tint, either at Suman Brows or BamBrows. Chanice (the founder of BamBrows) put me onto the tint and it’s such a game changer. It never occurred to me that I needed tints as my brows are relatively thick and full, but tints just are … *chefs kiss*. They add thickness and mean I don’t need to fill my brows in for about a week.

On brow products: I just use a NARS brow pencil in a dark brown shade to create a bit more of an arch in my left brow, add a line of thickness and fill in some sparseness in the front. NARS pencils are my fav but I wanna try the Benefit ones next.

On her brow mantra: Tints are life!!!

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Emma Hoareau, @emmahoareau

On her natural brows: “I naturally have very big brows, but went through an over-plucking phase in my early teens so… no, I haven’t always had good brows. I’m so glad my sister told me I’dregret it if I plucked them so I stopped and thankfully they grew back.”

On brow treatments: “I don’t let anyone touch my brows – it’s all me and just plucking a little to define the shape. I’ve tried tinting and threading/waxing in the past but never found it quite right, and often it would just grow back differently. I find it easier to just pluck a few times a week (minimally!) as upkeep.”

On brow products: “I use a pencil to fill them in where needed (one of them doesn’t grow as much on the top so I fill that part in mainly). For this I love the Tom Ford Brow Sculptor in Taupeas it has a really clever shaped pencil – andI always make sure to brush them out after so they look super natural! I’ve recently been using the Anastasia micro pencil too and been loving. After I use agood brow gel to keep them in shape for they day, I have lots of favourites but the one that stands out the most is the Surratt Brow Pomade. I brush the hairs down first, then upwards and into shape, then press them lightly against my skin with my fingers for an all day bushy brow look.”

On her brow mantra: “Never pluck on top!”

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Grece Ghanem, @greceghanem

On her natural brows: “I am very fortunate to have always had good brows since I was very young! My secret was that I let them grow naturally for the longest time possible.”

On brow treatments: “I remember the first time I plucked my eyebrows was at the age of 28; the day of my wedding.  I always kept them natural. I like to tweeze the random ones from time to time but I never overdo it. I often ask my daughter to do it for me, I trust her!”

On brow products: “I am not a great fan of wearing make up on a daily basis. Only on occasions, I use clear brow gel to keep in them in place and define the shape. My favourite is Boy Brow from Glossier.”

On her brow mantra: “Don’t over pluck your eye brows just because it’s the trend, you might regret it later!”

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Monikh Dale, @monikh

On her natural brows: “Being Indian I have a lot of hair and I was obviously self conscious of it while I was younger so I use to over pluck. Now it’s a plus to be a little hairy!”

On brow treatments: “I wouldn’t have any treatments done on my eyebrows. I might on the odd occasion pluck a few strays and trim the long ones but it’s very minimal.”

On brow products: “On a usual day to day basis I will simply comb a little Glossier Boy Brow through them. The clear brow gel keeps my brows up and feathered helping me to feel a little more polished.”

On her brow mantra: “Let them be.”

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Amy Lawrenson, @amy_lawrenson

On her natural brows: “I used to have a monobrow when I was a child which was unfortunate since kids can be pretty cruel. But in hindsight, the fact I was so focused on the space between my brows means the rest didn’t bother me too much so I didn’t really overpluck them in the ‘90 or ‘00s when a slither of brow was du jour.

“I’m also not a huge fan of the fact my brows are quite curved and don’t have a definite arch, but it’s something I have come to accept (#beautyproblems). I always think when it comes to beauty the grass is often greener so, if we can’t change something or don’t want to go through the process of changing something, we have to find ways to accept and appreciate what we have.”

On brow treatments: “I had microblading once and while it’s a great treatment for those with sparse patches in their brows, I didn’t find it made a huge difference to mine. I would get them threaded to help keep the shape looking neat and I’ll pluck the odd stray hair in between appointments. 

“[Before lockdown], I started having brow lamination with Nina at iBrowBar in Amsterdam where I live. She calls it the Brow Lift and it involves straightening the brow hairs so they look thicker and bushier. Then she would tint and thread them. It’s ideal for anyone who has full brows already but wants them to look like those really fluffy Insta-brows that are everywhere right now.”

On brow products: “I wear glasses and you can’t really see my brows so I’m pretty lazy with them on the daily, especially when I’ve just had a Brow Lift. But if I’m not wearing glasses, I’ll fill them in with the Blink Brow Bar Ultimate Arch Definer in Saffron (ideal for anyone with red or auburn hair) and then I’ll fluff them up with Benefit Gimme Brow or Nude by Nature Precision Brow Mascara.”

On her brow mantra: “Whether it’s plucking or colouring in, when it comes to brows, I definitely think less is more.”

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Main image: Monikh Dale. Other images: courtesy of those interviewed and brands.

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