Is long hair weighing your high ponytail down?
17th January 2022

Written by Morgan Fargo

TikTok user @amberrosespeak teaches us how to perfect the simple method. 

Much like a curly fringe, a high ponytail with long hair can be more maintenance than feels wholly necessary. Due to the weight of one length of hair, a high ponytail can easily slip down, creating an unintentionally limp, lifeless style.

Fortunately, over on TikTok, users are sharing the viral way to keep a long, high ponytail skywards. The key? Two hair bands and a little time to find the right placement for you. Here’s how to DIY.

First, pick up the top half of the hair, smoothing out the front to create a sleek top knot. The base of the top knot should sit just below the back of the crown of the head.

Then, gather together the remaining hair, separating it into two equal sections under the top knot. Pull it up either side of your first ponytail, securing it with a hair band at the top. 

The second ponytail should cover the hair band and base of the first to create one voluminous entity. 

If you find the bottom of your hair is too short to pull up seamlessly, place your first ponytail slightly lower down. This will ensure you don’t end up with two completely disparate layers. 

Gently backcomb with some hairspray and your fingers for more dimension.

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