I Got This $6 Pack of 45 Scrunchies and It's the Best Amazon Purchase I've Made in Years
11th March 2020

I Got This $6 Pack of 45 Scrunchies and It’s the Best Amazon Purchase I’ve Made in Years

I am so guilty of constantly losing any and all hair accessories I own. I couldn’t keep track of a hair tie to save my life. That’s why I pounced on the opportunity to buy this Chloven 45-Piece Hair Scrunchies Set ($6) — it’s been a bestseller on Amazon for months. Over 9,000 customers have reviewed the set and 87 percent of them give it a perfect five stars; that’s insanely good. 45 scrunchies for only $6 seems too good to be true, but I can tell you they’re totally worth the hype.

The set arrived neatly packaged and I was immediately impressed by the variety of colors. The velvet-like texture is soft, but has a luxe look. These scrunchies grip my hair without slipping out — a dream! Now I have one for every single outfit I own. Read on for all my photos of scrunchie set and some additional product info. For such an awesome price, it’s worth the purchase. I pinky promise!

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