How To Wear The ‘Weird Jeans’ You Keep Seeing All Over The Internet
29th May 2019

Weird jeans are having a moment. Even Chrissy Teigen thinks so.

Earlier this month, the model, cookbook author and tweeter extraordinaire shared a post on Twitter questioning whether today’s jeans are really for her.

“I am shopping for jeans and I gotta say…. I am worried about the current state of jean design,” she wrote. In a separate tweet, she added: “maybe my jean days have passed. it is time for a new era to enjoy…weird jeans.”

Like Teigen, we’ve noticed a lot of “weird jeans” surfacing in recent years ― zipper butt jeans, plastic kneecap jeans, thong jeans, “invisible jeans” and even more zipper butt jeans ― and the trend doesn’t seem to be disappearing anytime soon. Celebrities like Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner were early adopters of the trend.

Among the brands leading this unconventional denim revolution are luxury streetwear labels like Y/Project and Vetements, both of which are on the high-priced end. Y/Project’s jeans tend to sell for $300 and over, while one pair of Vetements jeans, made in collaboration with Levi’s, sold for $1,700.

It’s easy to find out-of-the-ordinary jeans pretty much anywhere these days, including at fast fashion retailers like Topshop, which has contributed clear jeans to the mix.

Here are just a few examples:

Most of those styles are admittedly out there and not necessarily wearable for most people, especially for everyday activities. They’re also not the type of jeans that will stand the test of time and become classics in your closet 10 years down the road (we’d give them a couple years, IF that).

But there is something to be said for trying denim styles that are a little more out of the box. A unique pair of jeans can definitely show off your personality and make a simple outfit look anything but basic (see: Gigi Hadid in the photo above).

And they don’t always have to be so different. For example, you could always try a pair of pastel jeans in place of dressier trousers for a similarly fun but casual vibe, or maybe you go for something two-toned but still in the blue family for added interest. Printed or striped jeans are also an option, especially for those who prefer easing into a trend rather than diving in headfirst.

Below, check out some jeans that offer a subtler touch of trendiness to your wardrobe.

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