Heidi Pratt Just Got Real About All That Plastic Surgery She Had On 'The Hills'
7th March 2019

The Hills are alive with the sound of…drama. At the forefront of all the noise? None other than Heidi Pratt (née Montag), who famously stirred the pot during the show’s first go around—particularly, with her not one, not two, but 10 cosmetic surgery procedures. Nearly 10 years later, Heidi’s now ready to get real about this history.

On Tuesday, Heidi, 32, revealed in an interview with Vogue that it’s hard for her to watch those infamous post-op scenes, in which she returns to Colorado to “talk to [her] mom about it for the first time.”

For all those who don’t remember the original episode, here’s essentially what went down:

Heidi began by listing off her operations, including but not limited to a nose job, lip injections, cheek injections, inner and outer liposuction, and breast reconstruction. She then asked her mom, “Are you telling me I don’t look good?” and her mom responded, “Maybe you should rephrase that question. […] Yes, I felt that you were much more beautiful before and I’m hoping that some of this will fade away and go away.”

In Tuesday’s interview, Heidi shared, “It was really challenging and I was in so much pain, I could hardly talk. I was so young and I just didn’t, like, have a team behind me.”

But fast forward to today and Heidi has a little team of her own: a family that consists of hubby Spencer Pratt, whom she eloped with on the OG The Hills, and son Gunner, 2.

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And now with the upcoming new season, she’ll add a couple of more members to her supportive posse—that is, of course, depending on all the drama that goes down.

At least it sounds like Heidi’s hopeful that round two will be more united adventure for her and Spencer, since they “weren’t really able to be a part of the group on the original show,” continuing, “Now, with the reboot, we’re integrated with the rest of the cast.”

As for any more body updates, TBD. She has, however, hinted to People that she’s hoping for more little Speidis in 2019.

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