Fake tan lover shares £1 hack to stop sheets staining
4th November 2022

Fake tan users will know the struggle when it comes to your bed sheets.

No matter what you wear or how long you leave your tan to dry, the sheets will turn orange.

But now one woman has shared a genius hack that promises to save your bed linen and stop tan transfer.

Abigail Parkinson, aka @abigailparkinson_ on TikTok, is a serious tan lover and prefers darker colours – but has discovered that talcum powder was the answer to her problems.

She was first made aware of the hack after a fellow user left a comment on her page that stated: ‘Defo need talc! Put your tan on, leave it for like 10 min, and then cover yourself in talc! Like I’m white with talc but it’s the best ever!’

Replying to @Siân IT WORKS #tanning

Abigail then made a video reply to the comment.

In it, Abigail searched the supermarket for talc powder and said to viewers: ‘Cover yourself in baby powder with me.’

After choosing Johnson’s baby powder, which is currently £1 in Tesco, she went home to attempt the hack.

When she applied the talc, she exclaimed that it didn’t feel sticky which is a good sign showing the tan wouldn’t transfer.

She then proceeded to show followers he difference between her legs.

She added: ‘Right, I’ll show you my bed sheets now, and then when I wake up.

‘If this works, this is going to change my life.’

Before she headed to bed, she showed viewers the perfectly clean sheets for proof.

Then at at 8am the next morning she inspected the sheets which were spotless and shouted: ‘The tan’s still on! What!?’

In response to the hack, some viewers said it’s a trick they know and love.

‘I get the sleepy one. Smells like lavender so not sticky and doesn’t smell like tan. Win-win!,’ wrote one user.

While others were annoyed that this was the first they had heard of the talc trick.

One aggravated commenter added: ‘Noo why didn’t I see this 20 minutes ago before I got into bed after tanning!’

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