Anne Hathaway just shared a sneak peek at her Grand High Witch make-up look
20th October 2020

Days before The Witches’ release, Anne Hathaway has teased fans with a photo of one of her Grand High Witch make-up looks.

Despite being released into cinemas in 1990, Roald Dahl’s The Witches still conjures up terrifying nightmares – and it seems the upcoming movie reboot will be just as scary.

The remake, which comes to TV screens on 26 October, will follow the same plot as Dahl’s original book and has a star-studded line-up stepping into the shoes of the iconic characters we loved (and feared) in childhood.

Alongside Octavia Spencer, who will play the tough grandmother, Anne Hathaway has been cast in the prestigious role of Grand High Witch.

With less than a week until its release, Hathaway treated fans to a sneak peek of one of her Grand High Witch make-up looks and it may even provide inspiration for your 2020 Halloween look.

The picture, which was taken on the movie set, shows the Grand High Witch with an ashy blonde wig, styled into a tall bouffant.

As for make-up, she wears intense, dark smoky eyes, complete with purple winged eyeshadow, dramatic false eyelashes and deep plum-almost-black lipstick. The look is complete with two terrifying scar lines extending from either side of her mouth, almost resemblant of Batman’s The Joker. The perfect make-up inspiration

But that’s not all. In the background of Hathaway’s selfie, we can see a make-up moodboard on the wall, giving an indication of what else we can expect to see from the Grand High Witch.

Alongside an ‘arrival’, ‘ballroom arrival’ and ‘bedroom turban’ look, there are some snapshots that reveal Hathaway’s ‘full glory reveal’, which includes a dark smoky eye and bald head covered in scars.

Sound scary enough? It sure does to us.

Main image: courtesy Warner Bros. Pictures

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