2 Tools You'll Want in Your Kit When Using Powder Foundation
16th March 2022

Unlike cream or liquid foundation, which can be successfully applied with just the help of your fingertips, most powder-based formulas require the assistance of makeup applicators in order to deliver desirable results.

The newly launched e.l.f. Cosmetics Camo Powder Foundation ($11), a pressed-powder formula, is one such formula that reaches its full potential when applied with certain tools.

Keep reading to learn more about the brushes and sponges you’ll want in your kit when using this new product.

Powder Sponge

The Camo Powder Foundation comes with a Camo Powder Sponge, which helps streamline the entire application process. Unlike rounded, teardrop-shaped makeup sponges (typically used to apply liquid concealer or foundation), the Camo Powder Sponge is circular, flat, and flexible.

It’s specifically designed to help apply and blend out the pressed powder in light sweeping or patting motions. Other makeup sponges are usually meant to be wet first and then used in light dabbing or stippling motions.

The pressed powder itself is buildable up to a full coverage, so you can keep applying the product with the Camo Powder Sponge until you’ve reached your desired look. In fact, a powder sponge is a great tool for a full-coverage finish.

In the event that you need to replace your sponge, you should know that the beauty brand also sells refills of the sponge.

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