10 royal hairstyles The Crown absolutely nailed: from Olivia Colman to Helena Bonham Carter
21st December 2019

One of the biggest challenges facing The Crown team is getting the show’s actors to look like the people they are portraying – and hair plays a big part in that. Many of the historical figures featured are renowned for their famous tresses – whether it’s Jackie Kennedy’s enormous blow-dry, the Queen Mother’s crimp or Princess Margaret’s big bouffant. Get it wrong and the illusion vanishes. So how close did The Crown hair team get? We take a look.   

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Princess Margaret’s bouffant

The 60s and 70s were the heyday of big hair – the higher the better – but The Crown’s hairstylists added a few extra inches to Helena Bonham Carter’s up ‘do in this dancing scene, just for dramatic effect. 

Jackie Kennedy’s sky-high blow-dry

Talking of high hair, Jackie Kennedy’s voluminous blow-dry might have looked like it was exaggerated for TV but, if you check out the First Lady’s hair in real life, it was actually 100 percent historically accurate.  

The Queen’s early hair

As a young woman, the Queen wore her hair longer – around shoulder length – and very, very curly. The show’s hairdressers took notes. 

The Queen Mother’s crimp

The Queen Mother always kept her hair very close to her head in a neat, tight crimp. The Crown’s hair team recreated the look but used a little artistic licence with actress Victoria Hamilton’s tresses, giving her a side parting instead of a middle one.  

Wallis Simpson’s up ‘do

Wallis Simpson had a very distinctive hairstyle: she’d wear her hair high on her head but parted in the middle into two sets of curls. And The Crown got it spot-on. 

Prince Philip’s slicked-back hair

The young Duke of Edinburgh wore his hair glossy and slicked back – and Matt Smith had his styled similarly. That said, the actor has a slightly fuller head of hair than Prince Philip at the same age. 

The Queen’s gentle waves

Queen Elizabeth’s locks have a slight curl which The Crown emphasised by clipping back Claire Foy’s hair and adding a side parting. 


Prince Charles’s side parting and Princess Anne’s bob

The second series of The Crown gave us a glimpse of Prince Charles and Princess Anne as children. Charles had his trademark side parting and straight chestnut hair – very similar to his hair in real life. Princess Anne, on the other hand, was portrayed with a poker-straight, clipped back bob, a contrast to the full head of blonde curls she exhibited as a child.  

The Queen’s perm

During the 70s, which are portrayed in the third series of The Crown, the Queen, played by Olivia Colman, opted for a permanent solution to tame her naturally wavy hair: a perm. 

Princess Margaret’s tiara dos

Princess Margaret regularly set off her chocolate brown hair with a sparkling tiara. And actress Vanessa Kirby’s tresses were fixed in a similar fashion, although a few additional tendrils were left loose to emphasise Margaret’s often-wild behaviour.   

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