Parents call for GCSE biology revision guide to be pulped

Angry parents slam ‘utterly disgusting’ GCSE biology textbook for depicting a pregnant woman with ‘Brazilian’ pubic hair ‘straight out of a porn film’

  • Parents have been left furious over ‘disgusting’ diagram in school textbook  
  • One mother claimed the image ‘looks like it comes straight out of a porn film’ 
  • Publishers Pearson Edexcel have faced backlash over the science revision book

Parents have demanded publishers withdraw a GCSE textbook in schools across the UK because it shows a woman with a ‘porn star’ Brazilian pubic hair wax.

The science revision book has been met with outrage from parents who say it ‘looks like it comes straight out of a porn film’.

Publisher Pearson has been asked to withdraw the 2017 textbook after parents branded the image ‘disgusting’.

The diagram showing a pregnant woman with ‘porn star’ Brazilian-style public hair in the science revision book has been met with outrage

One Twitter user said Pearson Edexcel were ‘utterly disgraceful’ to have used the ‘landing strip’ illustration in its International GCSE Human Biology textbook and ‘should formally apologise’. 

One mother said: ‘It depicts a woman with pubic hair that looks like it comes straight out of a porn film.’

Another added on a Mumsnet forum: ‘It may appear trivial, but it is definitely unhealthy.

‘This is part of the learning that gets drummed into girls about how disgusting they are, how they should be ashamed of themselves, how their discomfort is irrelevant to others.’ 

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James Mannion wrote on Twitter: ‘It’s just so unnecessary for the diagram.

‘Somebody sat there and drew this. What were they thinking? And who signed off on it?’

Vivienne Porritt, co-founder of education movement #WomenEd, feared ‘it may encourage boys to ask girls if they have had a Brazilian’.

She said: ‘There is much evidence that girls are already victims of sexual harassment in schools and this image would add to that.’

Pearson said the image had been replaced when the textbook was reprinted in May last year.

A spokesman said: ‘Clearly, we did not mean to cause offence with the original version and we would be happy to provide the updated version free of charge to any student or teacher who would like a replacement.’

Pearson Edexcel are now facing calls to withdraw the 2017 textbook

Last year, the Biff, Chip and Kipper books were misinterpreted by adults with mischievous minds.

A Twitter user found what he thought could be construed to be an al fresco sex scene in the book belonging to his friend’s child.

Ed Brody tweeted a photo of the book with a scene that showed a group of adults disappearing into a bush while children innocently played around them. 

Oxford University Press said its books were ‘created with the utmost thought and consideration.’

And last October, publishing house AQA and Hodder temporarily stopped selling a textbook which claims men in Caribbean families are ‘largely absent’ after it was dubbed racist.

The GCSE Sociology textbook, which was officially approved by the AQA exam board, was accused of enforcing negative stereotypes. 

The passage can be found in the textbook AQA GCSE (9-1) Sociology by Rosie Owens and Ian Woodfield – which was originally published in 2014 by Hodder Education.

Concerns about the textbook were raised by freelance photographer Eddie Olaleye, who challenged the exam board provide ‘the empirical data’ backing up the statement.

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