OAP goes on road trip across the US with naked dead wife strapped in car seat upside down after she 'died on the journey'

A DEAD wife’s naked corpse was spotted upside down by a drive thru server while her husband — wearing only his underpants — was behind the wheel.

When a cop pulled Rodney Puckett over he said his spouse Linda had died at a hotel, but that he decided to continue his epic road trip.

Police say they were tipped off after a fast food employee Maria Davis.

She called 911 to report a naked man had ordered food with a nude woman who was upside down with protruding feet.

Miss Davis said: "I so happened to look on the passenger side and that's when I seen he had the lady in there, she was like completely naked.

"She was face down, like laying down, and then I saw the colour of her feet were like purple."

Davis told ABC15 she tried to stall the man so she could seek help.

She said:  "He was like normal, like really normal about it.

"He was calm, he ordered his food."

He tried to wake her, couldn't wake her up, he loaded her onto a luggage cart and proceeded to place her in his vehicle

After Miss Davis called the police, Puckett was pulled over and found to be wearing his underwear, while his dead wife was totally naked.

The pensioner, from Oklahoma, later told authorities that his partner had died in a hotel in El Paso, Texas, and that he decided to haul her corpse in the car and continue their 1500 mile road trip to California.

Eloy Police Department Sgt Kristie Barnette said: "I have been in law enforcement and with the Eloy Police Department for 17 years and this is the most bizarre case I have ever seen in Eloy

"He tried to wake her, couldn't wake her up, he loaded her onto a luggage cart and proceeded to place her in his vehicle.”

Puckett was arrested on suspicion of abandonment or concealment of a dead body, and it's not known whether he has an attorney who could comment on his behalf.

The body was turned over to the Pinal County Medical Examiner's Office to determine cause of death.

Police did not respond to requests for additional information, including the couple's hometown in Oklahoma or their exact destination.


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