New Prime Minister after Theresa May could face instant no-confidence vote over Brexit

THERESA May's successor could face an immediate vote of no confidence over Brexit.

Labour's John McDonnell vowed to bring down the Government if the next Tory leader went for a No Deal.

After Mrs May's tearful resignation speech yesterday where she promised to stand down for failing to deliver Brexit, Tories immediately started the battle to replace her.

Several candidates have said that they would be prepared to take Britain out of the EU without a deal in October.

Boris Johnson said yesterday: "we will leave the EU on October 31, deal or no deal."

Dominic Raab has also said it wouldn't be the end of the world if we quit without an agreement.

But today Labour's shadow chancellor said he would rather bring down the Government than let a candidate take us out in that way.

He told BBC Radio 4 today: "It looks almost certain we're going to be faced with a Conservative leader who is a hard Brexiteer willing to take the country over the edge of a no-deal no matter what the damage to jobs or people's livelihoods.

"Faced with that situation, I think there may well be a majority in the House of Commons willing to bring about some form of public vote and that could include a general election."

Experts warned yesterday that the next PM would be challenged to hold a Commons majority when they get into power.

A Brexiteer like Boris or Raab would be likely to face stiff opposition from Remainers and other moderate Conservatives.

Mr Raab has said: "A new leader will have the opportunity to do things differently."

Tory MP Guto Bebb told The Times he would struggle to support Mr Johnson or Mr Raab in a vote of no confidence.

Around 20 MPs are thought to have similar reservations – which with a slim majority would be enough to bring down the Government.

He said: "I will support any Conservative PM who is sober and responsible to recognise that we can only leave the EU with an agreement."

When Mrs May faced a similar vote after losing her Brexit deal in January, the Tories and DUP rallied around and backed her.

If Boris or Raab lost such a vote, then they would have 14 days to command a majority in the House of Commons or face a general election.

Then, Jeremy Corbyn would have a shot at becoming PM.

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