Moment Toyota 'going 100mph' rams OAP couple's Fiesta 'like a dodgem' on bridge in Kent – before blaming THEM

Dashcam footage captured the silver Toyota Celica flying over the Kingsferry Bridge from the Isle of Sheppey in Kent, "at speed" last week.

A red Ford Fiesta, which was being driven by an ex-racing driver known only as Len, was pulling out to overtake another car when the vehicle suddenly appeared behind him.

Showing impressive reactions, Len was able to swerve away from the central reservation, preventing a serious collision and possible pile-up.

The Toyota driver then sped off without stopping and Aston Townsend, who captured the footage, followed the car to confront him.

He says the "idiot" tried to blame the elderly couple for the smash – despite him driving the car "like a dodgem".

Aston said Kent Police initially refused to look at the footage as "no one had been injured or killed", but have since confirmed they are investigating.


Aston, from Redbridge, London, said: "It was like dodgems. If the man the Toyota driver hit hadn't have been an ex-racing driver, I think it could have been much worse.

"I noticed him in a split-second in the rear-view mirror, then the next thing I know he's in front of me. He was so quick. He came flying out of nowhere.

"It looks like he was trying to fly past them, but the guy in the red car had pulled into the lane he was in.

"The driver was an ex-race car driver, but the guy was going so fast so he didn't see him properly until he was there.

"He probably checked the mirror, seen nothing in and pulled out.

"Instead of just slamming on his brakes, the Toyota tried to cut in front of him again."


As Aston approached the scene, he saw Len and his wife were luckily uninjured, however the passenger door was so damaged she wasn't able to get out.

Aston said: "The couple he hit must have been in their sixties and luckily they were physically unharmed – just shaken up.

"The wheel arch was smashed up, there was damage to the passenger door which couldn't be open to get his wife out.

"It was still drivable though because we followed the guy and tried to find him. He sped off.

"I was surprised that the guy managed to control the car and not end up in a ditch on the side of the road.

"[Len] did really well to control the car and not tip it over. He didn't actually hit the other car – I don't know how. He must have just skimmed it.

"The driver of that other car on the left chased him down with us because he was so angry he nearly hit him too."


After ensuring the couple were safe, Aston and the driver of another vehicle that was narrowly missed followed the Toyota, finding the owner "hiding" at a nearby car wash.

According to Aston, the reckless driver tried to blame the older couple for the collision and refused to admit fault.

Aston said: "He got away from us, but we knew the direction he went and saw his car hidden at a car wash.

"I got out my car and luckily he wasn't aggressive, but he was blaming Len in the red car.

"He said 'you see him hit me? you see him hit me?'

"I couldn't believe that he'd driven like that then tried to blame the elderly couple. He wasn't sorry at all for it.

"He could have killed him and not known because he'd sped ahead."


Aston spoke to the Ford Fiesta driver after the crash to send him footage of the incident and claims he was told the police were not investigating as "no-one was injured or killed".

However Kent Police have now come back to confirm officers are looking into the crash.

Aston said: "The police are looking into it but they weren't interested in first place because no-one was injured or killed.

"There's been a few crashes on that bridge – it's quite a steep cross-over. A quite famous one was a 130-car pile-up five years ago.

"They have an average speed camera but I think a lot of people assume they're not turned on or working because I've seen loads of people speeding.

"That whole stretch people drive really fast."

A spokesperson for Kent Police said: "Kent Police is investigating a collision which is reported to have taken place on the Sheppey Crossing on the afternoon on Monday 14 January 2019.

"The incident is reported to have involved three vehicles and no injuries were reported.

"Officers are conducting ongoing enquiries to establish the full circumstances."

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