McDonald's customer in vile racist and sexist rant blaming immigrants and women for 'ruining England'

In the video, the middle-aged man is seen shouting at staff and customers as he blames immigrants for "ruining England" and makes derogatory remarks about feminists.

He is also heard ranting about how "white men built civilisation".

His outburst was filmed by soul musician Alex Parvenu at the fast food chain's Brixton branch at around 10pm last night.

Parvenu later posted the video on Twitter, where it has been viewed over 80,000 times.

In the footage, the man rants: "I just want to say that this is run by bloody immigrants."

He then targets feminists, claiming that they are letting "women run the world" and calling them "soy boys".

He adds: "No wonder the world is f****d. It's full of feminists and immigrants.

"That's why my country is f****d. That's why England is f****d. It's full of feminists and immigrants.

"The world is built by white men but you don't like it, do you?"

He is then surrounded by angry customers, who push him out of the building.

A McDonald's spokesman confirmed an "incident" took place at its Brixton restaurant.




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