Driver crashes £567K Ferrari seconds after borrowing it from a friend

Driver crashes £567,000 Ferrari into a passing car seconds after borrowing it from his friend

  • Man in China borrowed the Ferrari from a friend to satisfy his supercar cravings
  • But as soon as he stepped on the accelerator, he started swerving left and right 
  • He crashed the Ferrari into another car, which bumped into three more vehicles
  • Ferrari driver is held responsible for the accident and faces £45,000 repair bills 

A driver in China has crashed a £567,000 Ferrari seconds after borrowing it from a friend to satisfy his cravings for supercars.

The man, known as Mr Jin, also landed himself massive bills of more than £45,000 after causing damage to the luxurious car as well as four other vehicles.  

Mr Jin lost control of the luxurious car as soon as he stepped on the accelerator on Monday, according to police in Tongli, Jiangsu Province.

Mr Jin from China starts swerving left and right after he pressed the accelerator of the Ferrari 

He crashes the Ferrari into a passing black car and pushes it towards the opposite traffic lanes

Surveillance footage of the crash shows the nervous Ferrari driver swerving left and right on a four-lane road before slamming into a passing black car.  

The black car was pushed into the traffic lanes on the opposite direction before crashing into a grey car and two motorised scooters parked on the pavement. 

The white Ferrari slowly came to a halt and stopped at one side of the road.  

Firefighters rushed to the scene to rescue the driver of the black car who was trapped in the mangled vehicle. 

He was taken to the hospital and found to sustain injuries on the neck as well as scratches around his body, according to a report from Suzhou Radio and Television Station. 

The black car and another grey car stand on their side after the traffic accident on Monday

Rescuers take the driver of the black car into an ambulance after freeing him from the vehicle

The driver of the Ferrari was said to have scratches on the arms. 

There was no one in the grey car or on the two motorised scooters. 

The TV report from yesterday claimed the Ferrari was worth five million yuan (£567,810), but did not mention the model. 

It is reported that Mr Jin had always wanted to try driving expensive cars. He had borrowed the Ferrari from a friend, Mr Zhou, who in turn had borrowed the car from his friend. 

Mr Jin said he crashed the Ferrari because he was not familiar with the car’s condition. 

Mr Zhou claimed to police he had asked Mr Jin to drive the Ferrari that day to return the car to its original owner. 

Tongli Traffic Police ruled that Mr Jin should bear the sole responsibility of the accident. 

One officer said Mr Jin could face repair bills amounting to 400,000 yuan (£45,424) for the five vehicles. 

The officer told Suzhou Radio and Television Station the Ferrari would cost around 100,000 yuan (£11,335) to fix while the black car would cost Mr Jin a further 200,000 yuan (£22,700).  

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