Completely naked woman gets out her car during road rage dispute

Stopping traffic! Bizarre moment a completely naked woman gets out her car during road rage dispute on a Texas freeway

  • A woman stunned commuters in Cypress, Texas on April 9 when she emerged from her car in the nude to confront a truck driver
  • The woman flailed her arms and yelled at the driver, before dancing and twerking in front of bumper-to-bumper traffic
  • A man filmed the bizarre incident, which has now been shared on ViralHog
  • It’s unclear whether the woman has been charged for public indecency 

This is the bizarre moment a naked woman emerged from her car to confront a truck driver during a road rage dispute in Texas last month. 

The woman, who has not been identified, literally stopped traffic in Cypress, north-west of Houston, on April 9 as she stood in the middle of a freeway whilst completely nude. 

Cellphone footage showed the furious motorist as she made her way up to the window of the truck, flailing her arms and yelling at the driver.

She then stood at the vehicle’s window for several more seconds, as stunned motorists were subjected to full-frontal nudity. 

Drivers in Cypress, Texas were left stunned last month, when a naked woman emerged from her car during a road rage incident

The woman made her way back to her white SUV, which was parked at the side of the road, before she decided to turn back around and give the truck driver one final look. 

Afterward, she began dancing and twerking, with her bare bottom facing in the direction of bumper-to-bumper traffic. 

One male driver filmed the incident, and it appeared he was rather amused by the unexpected addition to his morning commute. 

‘Oh, she naked!’ he is heard narrating in his video, which has been shared with ViralHog. 

He then bursts into laughter as he says, ‘Girl, what you doing? Put your clothes back on!’

The woman then sped off in her SUV, and it’s unclear whether she was booked for indecent exposure. 

It’s also unclear what her dispute with the truck driver was over, and why she was driving while naked. 

The woman later twerked in front of shocked commuters before she made her way back to her white SUV 

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