Jeremy Kyle Show lie detector results 'faked to make them more dramatic', ex-producer reveals

LIE detector results on The Jeremy Kyle Show were often faked to make them more dramatic, an ex-producer said.

The polygraph tests, conducted by a former FBI expert, would sometimes come back as inconclusive — so producers were expected to decide the result themselves.

Staff were also allegedly urged to invent facts about guests to “spice up” the stories.

The claims come after Steve Dymond appeared to take his own life after apparently failing a show lie test.

The ex-producer said: “The show was an absolute circus.

“If a lie detector test was 50/50, it would be up to the producer to decide a result.

“There was massive pressure from above to just go with the most dramatic result — with no regard for the damage it could do to someone’s life. The culture was totally toxic.

“Guests were seen as assets to be exploited. If their stories weren’t interesting enough, we were expected to spice them up.

“If a guest denied any of our ‘facts’, Jeremy would call them a liar on air. It was brutal.”

Yesterday, The Sun revealed that Bruce Burgess, founder of UK Lie Tests, which carries out the show’s polygraphs, has a criminal record. He quit the British Polygraph Association after he was caught lying to cops about a speeding offence.

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