Emmerdale's Adam Thomas gets rushed to hospital after dropping a 50kg weight on his FACE in the gym

ADAM THOMAS was rushed to hospital after he dropped a 50kg weight on his FACE while working out at the gym.

The former Emmerdale actor was supported by his twin brother, Love Island star Scott Thomas, and the pair made light of the incident on Instagram.

Posting to his story, 30-year-old Adam shared a photo of himself in a hospital gown with a painful looking cut under his right eye.

His face also appears to be badly swollen, with the actor writing alongside the image: "Feeling really sorry for myself, don't think I will be able to work for a week… Good job I don't have a job.

"I only dropped a 50kg on my face. I don't need a gown… But I'll take one."

Adam followed up with a photo of some snacks and drinks that his twin had brought him from the hospital's onsite Marks and Spencer.

He added: "@ScottySpecial doing the big shop at @marksandspencer".

Moving onto his main page, Adam shared a black and white photo of himself and Scott in the hospital room.

He captioned the post: "Not sure that everyone knows yet but today I dropped a weight on my face!! …And then three hours in A&E with this guy @scottyspecial – don’t know which one was worse haha but I am glad he was there by my side."

Joking, Adam added: "If you too have dropped a weight on your face please get in touch as it’s hard to talk to anyone about my experience unless you’ve actually been through it…

"I know you're out there and I know you're ashamed but it’s about time we spoke out and let others know that if you're an idiot… gyms are dangerous places."

The pair's older brother, Ryan Thomas, was among the shocked followers to comment on the snap, writing: "I love you so much, Adam – to be fair, something I would do #Idiots".

Still, Adam refused to let the accident get the better of him and documented his return to the gym shortly afterwards.

Posting a photo of himself with his hair tied back from his face with a pink bow, Adam wrote: "Let's try again shall we…"

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