Emmerdale fans rejoice as dying Lisa Dingle lashes out at Kate and calls her a 'sour faced b****h'

EMEMRDALE fans rejoiced as Lisa Dingle lashed out at Kate Tate with 'best line ever'.

The Dingle legend blasted Kim (Claire King) after her nasty words to daughter Belle – and fans were obsessed.

Lisa hissed: "We've got something you could never have – family, love and that's something you can't buy.

"Take away your fancy house and your fancy car and you're just a sour-faced b***h that no one can stand!"

People at home were stunned and then delighted at her outburst.

One raved: "Yassss go Lisa!"

Another person joked: "Damn Lisa just slayed it!"


Earlier this week fans were left sobbing into their cuppa as the Dingle matriarch, played by Jane Cox, revealed that she was "terrified to die".

Viewers have been going through an emotional rollercoaster since Lisa made her big revelation that she would be dead in months.

It was revealed that she has Amyloidosis, which as Lisa explained, is when you have a "build-up of proteins where they shouldn't be – in my heart."

Sharing a tender moment this evening, Lisa revealed to husband Zak that she was scared of dying and didn't want to leave her family.

She said: "I'm not ready to stop living yet, I will cherish every second."

Starting to cry she went on: "I'm so frightened, I don't want to die and leave you all behind."

This was all too much for those watching at home, who couldn't contain their sadness at Lisa's distress about dying.

One tweeted: "Oh Lisa #Emmerdale is so emotional,no dry eyes!"

Another  one said: "Feel really sad for Lisa #Emmerdale"

This one was overwhelmed: "Zak and Lisa are breaking my heart #Emmerdale"

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