Corrie's Norris Cole hides a big secret – but who is dead?

Norris Cole (Malcolm Hebden) is returning to Coronation Street, but possibly not in the way anyone expected.

Least of all Mary Taylor (Patti Clare) who is in for a shocker when she comes face to face with him – or face to urn.

Mary believes things are progressing with Jan after he buys her a bunch of flowers and takes her for a drink – all of which she’s taken entirely the wrong way – but she admits to Tracy Barlow (Kate Ford) she wants a divorce from Norris so she can pursue things with the builder.

He might not be so keen, but she is completely none the wiser and is determined to go ahead with her plan.

But maybe Mary won’t be needing all that legal faff. She and Tracy are shocked to find the door of no.3 open with Freda inside.

Freda explains that Norris has asked her to sell the house, leaving Mary fuming that he hasn’t contacted her. But Mary is in for an even bigger shock, and possibly a good reason as to why he couldn’t reach out.

Freda pulls out an urn full of ashes, and puts a photo of Norris next to it. What happened to Norris?

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