Coronation Street's Nick Tilsley charged with fraud after grandmother Audrey discovers he stole her inheritance

NICK Tilsley will finally be exposed in Coronation Street and end up in court charged with fraud.

The factory boss – who is played by actor Ben Price in the ITV soap – will be hauled to court next month when his theft of grandmother Audrey Roberts' inheritance is revealed to his horrified family.

Actor Ben has been pictured filming scenes outside a Manchester court alongside his on-screen family Jack P.Shepherd (David Platt), Julia Goulding (Shona Ramsey) and his on-screen business partner Alison King (Carla Connor).

A source at the filming revealed Nick will be charged with defrauding Audrey of the £80,000 he stole from her and recent spoilers have hinted about who brings him to justic.

Nick will find himself with a new adversary in Corrie next week – and it’s his own sister, Sarah Platt.

The factory boss is worried as it feels like the net is closing in on him when solicitor Paula Martin arrives looking for him.

His girlfriend Leanne Battersby – Jane Danson – is growing increasingly worried about Nick’s dodgy behaviour. She’s shocked when Sarah reveals to her that Nick paid his ex-wife Elsa out of the factory accounts and not the other way round as he claimed.

Meanwhile Nick tells Gary Windass to be vague if he’s asked about how he was paid for the work he did on the barbershop.

Later, Leanne and Sarah – along with Toyah Battersby – talk about Nick’s dodgy finances and where he got the money to buy the barbers.

They convince themselves that he must’ve done a deal with scary loan shark Rick Neelan – as that’s the only logical explanation – and decide they need to confront Rick.

But Sarah – who’s had enough dealings with Rick to last her a lifetime after ex Gary’s ordeal – backs out, leaving Toyah and Leanne to head to Rick’s office and quiz him about Nick Tilsley.

Rick insists that he’s never heard of Nick, but the sisters aren’t convinced.

Later Leanne calls him pretending to be a potential customer and arranges to meet up with Rick at a random address. While he’s away, Leanne and Toyah break into his office and begin to search it for evidence.

But they’re shaken when they realise there’s someone at the door.

Rick’s dodgy accomplice Sharon enters and Sarah – Tina O’Brien – suddenly appears – have they all been caught red handed?

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