Avengers Endgame leaves critics in TEARS ‘I’m an emotional WRECK and can’t stop CRYING’

Last night the world premiere of Avengers Endgame took place in Hollywood attended by the cast and crew of what is expected to be the ultimate Marvel movie. And of course, LA’s film critics were out in full force too for what is likely to be the highest grossing movie of the year. The first reactions before tonight’s reviews go live are incredible, but what’s shocking is the number of critics saying how much they cried throughout Avengers Endgame. A number posted on Twitter saying they burst into tears on multiple occasions, but fans shouldn’t worry – it’s for all the right reasons by the sounds of it.

Apparently, Avengers Endgame is an incredibly emotional experience.

One critic tweeted: “Nothing can truly prepare you for the emotional journey you are about to go on with this film.

“Anyone who has been watching these films in the MCU for the past 10-years is in for some of the most incredible and emotional surprises.

“Stay away from any spoilers. Trust me.”

But Marvel fans shouldn’t worry that Avengers Endgame will be a bleak movie.

The same critics also said how much they laughed and cheered before “the entire audience gave it a massive standing ovation.”

So just what specifically has left critics in tears?

The most obvious thing to bare in mind is this is a concluding film to a 22 movie saga, so could some of our favourite superheroes die?

It’s certainly possible if the survivors of Avengers Infinity War want to reverse the Snap.

Aside from the possibility of deaths, no doubt tears will be shed in the emotional moments with characters fans have followed for the last decade.

Whatever happens, this movie sounds on the scale of the final Harry Potter film’s Battle of Hogwarts.

Avengers Endgame will be released in UK cinemas on Thursday.

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