John Terry tried to warn Bosnich as ex-Man Utd and Chelsea goalkeeper opens up on cocaine hell

Ex-Manchester United and Chelsea star Bosnich served a nine month ban from football after testing positive for the Class A drug in 2002.

The Australian says his life spiralled out of control while he was in a relationship with model Sophie Anderton and getting lost in the nightlife of West London.

And he admits former Chelsea team-mate Terry pulled him to one side in an attempt to keep him from turning to the dark side.

Speaking to Four Four Two magazine, Bosnich said: "Yeah, John did do that.

"That crowd  was part of the people who sent that girl (Anderton) to me.

"I tried to help her, and fell in love with her. But she was sent  to me for a specific reason.

"John had noticed similar problems with a  couple of other players at that place, the Wellington. I remember saying to him, 'They're OK.' he would say, 'Baz, they're not.'

"And he was right. Bad crowd, bad people."

The 46-year-old added: The problem was I had no one to turn to, and I had this burning desire to find out what was behind it.

"So I thought I'd go straight to the source, but the more you spend time with these people the more you are slipping, slipping, slipping.

"Until three years later people ask you, 'What have you found out?' and you say,  'Nothing yet, I'm still undercover – but I haven't got any problems, honest…'

"I'm fortunate that I got myself out of it, otherwise it wouldn't have been very pretty if you were talking to me now, if you  were talking to me at all.

"I had given up not only on the football but on myself, which was wrong and really dangerous – I say that now whenever I go and speak to kids.

"I wasn't that easy to deal with. So I can understand that people probably thought,'Just leave him; he doesn't want to listen anyway.'

"I was obdurate and narrow-minded. I have to take the vast majority of the blame. And the people who set me up, messing with a person's life and business just for financial gain."

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