Fury finally makes Anthony Joshua and Deontay Wilder an offer… 'to come pick up me dog s**t'

FORMER world champion Tyson Fury has finally sent an offer to heavyweight rivals Deontay Wilder and Anthony Joshua – insisting the pair can pick up his dog poo.

The 30-year-old has also claimed he will employ the duo once they get beat, where they can also carry his bags, feed his animals and brush his drive.

Fury – who will fight undefeated German Tom Schwarz in Las Vegas on June 15 – declared Wilder and Joshua have no brains, and will wash away their money soon.

Speaking to BT Sport, he said: "I tell you what I can do with them two yeah.

"I can give them a job carrying my boots and bags, so when they’ve all been busted – very soon, when they fight each other and knock lumps off each other and they get beat up, and they lose and their careers over, they can come to the Gypsy King and I’ll employ them.

"Because let’s face it, they’ve not got the most brains in the world, so I’ll give them a job when they’ve spent all their money because it’s coming, very sharp."

Before adding: "When they’re all skint, I’ll employ you boys don’t worry, bring you over and you can brush up the drive, pick a few leafs up.

"And when you sign a few autographs on my behalf, carry me bags, clean me pool, feed me animals and pick up me dog s*** because that’s all you’ll be good for sooner or later."

The Gypsy King also insisted his rematch with Deontay Wilder will happen, but claimed he has no interest in the fight after being robbed of a victory in December.

He said of the Bronze Bomber: "Deontay already got beat by me, the world knows it. I’ve no interest in him at all.

"If the fight happens – it happens, and if it doesn’t, he already lost and his promoter knows it. I've no interest talking about the bum. A big bum dosser that’s all he is."

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