Royal wedding: What will Lady Gabriella’s husband’s title be? Reason he may not get one

Lady Gabriella Windsor will marry Tom Kingston today at their wedding at Windsor castle and the wedding comes just nine months after they got engaged.  The couple announced their engagement in September 2018 and the news came four years after the couple began dating.  Lady Gabriella is a part of the Royal Family and the daughter of Prince and Princess Michael of Kent.  Although Tom will marry into the Royal Family, there is a reason why he is set to miss out on an official title.

Royal wedding: Lady Gabriella Windsor’s husband Tom Kingston will miss having title

Lady Gabriella is the daughter of Prince Michael of Kent, 76, who is the cousin of Queen Elizabeth II, 93.

Prince Michael has Her Royal Highness status and her mum also took on his title when she married Prince Michael in 1978.

Gabriella is the first cousin once removed of the Queen and 51st in line to the throne.

Despite this, she is not a full-time member of the family and missed out on the title of Princess herself.

This is because of a Letters Patent issued by King George V which ensured all the children of the sovereign would automatically be given a royal title.

Her dad, Prince Michael, was given a royal title for this reason, but it does not extent any further.

The Letters Patent says the children of the sovereign, and the children of their sons would be given the honour of a title.

Prince Michael is the grandson of King George V and the child of Prince George, Duke of Kent, which meant he was the grandchild of the monarch.

However, according to the ruling, a royal title is not automatically given to any children further down the line.

This meant Gabriella and her older brother, Frederick Windsor, 40, took the titles of Lady and Lord.

As Gabriella does not have a royal title, Tom will not get one when he enters into the family.

This can only be overruled by the Queen and she would have to issue a Letters Patent to do this.

Lady Gabriella and Tom are marrying at St George’s Chapel, where both Meghan Markle and Princess Eugenie have married in the last year.

Her wedding will be different to other weddings at Windsor Castle as it will not be televised. 

Some royal fans are speculating what tiara Lady Gabriella will wear, and it is believed she could ditch royal tradition. 

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