Mum says £3.99 'miracle' cream cured her baby's agnosing eczema

Arthur’s eczema cleared up ‘significantly’ within days.

Demi-Jo, from Leeds, West Yorks, said: ‘There has been a significant transformation, it’s gone from being red, angry and scaly to hardly any redness. It has cleared up massively.

‘It’s a huge relief because there is nothing worse than seeing your child in pain.

‘I’m shocked at how well it has worked so far. I would recommend it to anyone, it has been life-changing.’

Demi-Jo, who is looking to start a children’s nursing university course in September, applies the moisturiser three to four times daily.

Arthur’s eczema is thought to have been caused by a cow’s milk protein allergy which is common in young babies.

Little Arthur spent hours of his young life in doctors’ offices because the condition was affecting his quality of life.

Despite being prescribed a range of creams, his symptoms remained.

Eventually, desperate for anything that would help, Demi-Jo decided to try a bottle of Childs Farm Baby Moisturiser from her local Boots store which her auntie recommended.

The dermatologist-approved cream contains active ingredients grapefruit, shea butter and tea tree oil, which are soft, natural products suitable for children used to keep skin moisturised and prevent irritation.

Happy with the cream’s results, Demi-Jo took to Facebook to share Arthur’s amazing transformation.

She said: ‘He is covered head to toe in eczema and has been for a few months. It was red, scaly and he kept scratching.

‘He was bleeding and weeping. He had big patches on his stomach, back, arms.

‘I took him to doctors and they gave me some creams and bath stuff for him.

‘Another doctor diagnosed him with a cow’s milk protein allergy and he gave me some different cream that didn’t seem to make any difference.

‘I thought I would give Childs Farm a go and started it on Monday this week.

‘He still has eczema on parts of his body but it’s nowhere near as red and angry as it was before. He isn’t scratching as much either.

‘My whole family suffer from eczema but Arthur’s was particularly bad.’

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