‘Growing Up Hip Hop’ Preview: Romeo & Angela Confront Each Other About Their Feelings — Watch

The ‘Growing Up Hip Hop’ finale has arrived. Romeo and Angela finally have a heart-to-heart about the future of their relationship in this EXCLUSIVE finale preview.

“Look, Ang. I apologize for not showing up to the blind date,” Romeo Miller tells Angela Simmons in our EXCLUSIVE preview of the Growing Up Hip Hop finale. But that’s not what Angela is looking for. She wants Romeo to explain himself. Romeo asks Angela if she wants to go out with him, but she’s not going to make this easy for him. “Did you ever ask me out on a date?” Angela quips. Romeo keeps pressing Angela. She’s not ready to just go all-in without having a conversation about their feelings so Romeo gives her what she wants.

“You didn’t show up to the blind date because you like me…” Angela says. Romeo replies, “Okay, sure.” He continues in his confessional: “Ang has wanted me to say it out loud. You’ve been knowin’ this from day one. The whole world knows that. I mean, that’s the reason we became friends because I like yo ass. We had a connection.” Angela admits she’s just a little nervous about everything. “You have clarity. I have clarity. With that being said, what from here then?” Romeo asks. Just when you think Romeo and Angela are finally on the same page, Angela’s doubts creep back in. “I don’t know if we were together if it would actually work,” Angela tells Romeo.

The synopsis for the season finale reads: “Just when Angela and Romeo take a chance at love, Angela’s world falls apart when tragedy strikes and shocks all. Dame checks on a troubled Briana who makes a brutal decision no one saw coming.” The Growing Up Hip Hop finale will air March 14 at 9 p.m. on WE tv.

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