Future Bails On Performing At Clive Davis’ Pre-Grammys Party After Ciara & Russell Wilson Show Up

Despite Future’s claims that he doesn’t have a problem with Ciara & Russell Wilson, a source close to the rapper told HL EXCLUSIVELY that he bailed on performing at a party because they had arrived.

Before the big wins and upsets at the Grammys last night, the Clive Davis Pre-Grammys Gala was in full swing on Saturday night. However, while Future was slated to perform at the Feb. 9 party at around 10:13 pm, a source close to the rapper who was also at the party told HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY that once Future found out that his ex Ciara and Russell Wilson were at the party, he bailed on performing. “Future was excited to perform at the Clive Davis Pre-Grammy Gala and before he was going to take the stage he was made aware that Russell Wilson and Ciara were in the room,” our source told us. “He was bummed about performing and I am pretty sure he left the party all together at that point because he wasn’t seen afterward.” Apparently, Future was set to perform two songs — “Mask Off” and “Crushed Up”.

However, despite an ongoing feud on Instagram, Future recently insisted that he, his ex Ciara and her husband Russell actually have no issue at all. “We don’t have no problems,” he revealed in an interview on the Durtty Boyz radio show on Jan. 22. ”It’s a social media problem. No, I don’t hate him. Totally not the deal. It was just the way we were carrying it, as far as being handled with baby Future [his son, 4] with Ciara.”

In spite of Future’s claims that he doesn’t have an issue with Ciara and Russell, he previously said during an interview with Beats 1 Radio on Jan. 17, “[Russell] do exactly what she tell him to do. He not being a man in that position.” He also claimed that Ciara introduced Russell Wilson to his son Future Jr. before the rapper had given her his permission. Since then, both Russell and Ciara have taken the high road in their responses. While Ciara captioned a recent Instagram post, writing, “Rise above,” Russell shared a pic of Future Jr. and Sienna Princess [Russell and Ciara’s daughter], 1, cuddling, and added the caption, “All that matters. #Love.”

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