Victims of jailed love rat who stole £1.4 MILLION through slick seduction tactics share their stories – and reveal his aliases included a doctor, lawyer, firefighter, pilot, banker and war vet

Conman Derek Alldred, 49, travelled across the USA seducing unsuspecting women and winning their trust – before emptying their bank accounts.

It's believed he had around 27 victims who he seduced through a web of lies. He pretend to be gainfully employed in impressive jobs and intended to marry them – but all the while was stealing their social security details.

In a new programme called Seduced by Evil – which is airing on US channel Oxygen – they are sharing their stories for the first time.

"He was the perfect guy… I thought he was the one," said one heartbroken victim, revealing how he would give her red roses but then stole stole her money.

One woman called Linda Dyas – who ultimately teamed up with another one of his victims to bring him down – told how Alldred took $325,000 (£250,000) from her by secretly draining her cards.

She met him via an online dating website in February 2016.

He had a fake name and said he was working towards a further degree at university, having fought in the Afrghan war.

“I like smart guys, I always have,” she told Fox News. "That really appealed to me.

"He was super smart, funny, charming. He’s very charismatic, and he has an incredible smile. He makes you feel like you’re the only person in the room."

The programme told how Alldred would seduce his victims by making plans to move in together and even marry.

But it was all a lie.

The show heard from Cindi Pardini who met Alldred on Facebook in 2012.

He told her he was a high-flying investment banker, hoping to move to California from Hawaii.

But ultimately he stole $250,000 (£195,000) from her. "He took everything from me," she said.

He met Wendy Harvey on a dating side and bought her diamond earrings worth more than £1,000, before also cheating money off her.

He told another woman called Tracy he worked for the Royal Bank of Scotland – but went onto auction off her house for a fraction of the price behind her back.

Her sister, Sara, told the show: "Derek was a very nice guy, very caring. He fit in really well with our family… he was always really helpful with everything.

"[He was] almost too good to be true,” she added.

“My sister was angry, she was hurt, shocked, couldn't believe this was really happening. It was a crazy time."

However, his scams started unravelling in spring 2016 when he met Missy Brandt, a former flight attendant.

She went through his wallet when he was in the shower and found Linda Dyas' cards and became suspicious – contacting Linda via Facebook.

He was living with Linda at the time and she also started investigating Alldred. She discovered a gun was missing, as well as her cards and contacted police who arrested him.

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