The Hilarious Way the Spice Girls’ Makeup Artist Hid the Band’s Breakouts

As the Spice Girls Opens a New Window. gear up for their upcoming tour this summer, their makeup artist Karin Darnell spilled a major makeup trick Opens a New Window. that she used to use on the international girl group when they got a pimple Opens a New Window. — and it is good.

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On Sunday, April 14, Darnell talked to Popsugar about working with the British band. After revealing exactly how long it took for them to get ready (20 minutes, by the way) she explained that the ladies often dealt with breakouts Opens a New Window. . This was in part thanks to their heavy stage makeup but she said the stress of their demanding jobs was also to blame.

When it came to hiding the zits, it wasn’t always just about a good concealer or foundation (although that never hurts Opens a New Window. ). Instead Darnell’s strategy was to distract from the complexion completely, creating a bold beauty look elsewhere on the face. Think smokey eye makeup, bright lipstick and bold eyeliner.

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“We live in an airbrushed world now but back then you didn’t have filters; it was day lighting,” she told the online publication. “So if someone had spots, and one of the girls really did, I had to alter the looks for that.”

These alterations included a lot of standout looks, including red lipstick and heavy brown lip liner that we often times associate with the 1990s.

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“What I absolutely say to this day is if you can’t laugh at what you used to look like, then you really achieved nothing.”

All of the band members have come a long way from their ‘90s selves, but we hope to see the same fun energy and excitement that they had back then for their upcoming tour. Even though Victoria Beckham Opens a New Window. (A.K.A. Posh Spice) won’t be joining them (and there’s been a quite a bit of buzz around the Geri Halliwell Opens a New Window. Melanie Brown Opens a New Window. hook up drama Opens a New Window. ), we have no doubt the reunion will be one for the books.

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