Mrs Hinch’s last-minute guide for hinching your home for Christmas, including the £6 ‘pink paste’ that’ll get your oven sparkling

The cleaning guru has shared her top Hinching tips for getting your home looking impressive to friends and family over the festive period.

Sophie Hinchcliffe, aka Mrs Hinch, uploaded some top tips to her 1.4million followers on her Instagram Story.

These include some top cleaning advice for making your pad gleam, and how to add special Christmas touches to your tree.

And she even shared the products that will make your home smell like a winter wonderland.

Here’s how you can Hinch your way to the perfect Christmas this year…

Clean your oven

  • The Pink Stuff, £6.25 from Amazon – buy now
  • Elbow Grease, £4.49 from Amazon – buy now
  • Minky cloth, £2.49 from Minky – buy now

If you’ve signed up to cooking Christmas dinner, your oven will become your new best friend.

And now could be the ideal time to give the appliance a deep clean – before the turkey and all the trimmings are cooked inside.

Thankfully Mrs Hinch revealed how you can get your oven looking as gleaming as hers.

She swears by the Pink Stuff Paste, which she applies to her oven before leaving it for a few minutes before scrubbing with her favourite “Minky” anti-bacterial cleaning pad.

You should leave the oven racks to soak in your sink, before using the Elbow Grease spray to remove any stains.

And put an oven liner at the bottom of the cooker, which is much easier to keep clean than the general oven base.

Spruce up your tree

  • Snow spray, £2 from Wilko – buy now

Your tree may be decorated, but Mrs Hinch shared how to take it to the next level.

She said she uses snow spray to hide any visible bauble strings, and said: “These little parts where you can see where the baubles are attached, I just put a bit of snow over it."

Thankfully the cans don’t break the bank and cost just a few pounds from bargain shops.

Banish mattress stains

Got the relatives over for Christmas? Now could be the time to make sure your spare room is looking flawless.

Forget expensive products, Mrs Hinch sprinkles bicarbonate powder on any stains.

She works it into the fabric while wearing gloves to protect her hands, and leaves it for an hour or so.

Then, the cleaning whizz hoovers off any excess powder to leave it looking pristine.

Scrub the walls

Mrs Hinch has a handy hack for removing any marks on walls and making her house smell divine; fabric conditioner.

Add a capful of your favourite fabric condition to a bowl of warm water, and use “Minkeh” to wipe any marks away.

This can also be done to remove marks from outside windows too.

Zoflora your home

The Instagram star regularly raves about her favourite product for making her home smell like a Santa’s grotto.

She is a huge fan of Zoflora disinfectant products, which come in lots of Christmasssy scents, from winter spice to warm cinnamon.

  • Zoflora 12 pack – £17.76 from Amazon – buy now

One of her favourite uses is to put a tissue soaked in the liquid in the base of your bin to banish odours, and she also soaks her cloths overnight in a bowl of diluted Zoflora.

Your home will be Hinch perfect for Christmas in no time.

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