Most Brits would dump their best pal for £131k, new study finds

MOST of us would be lost without our best pals, but a new study has found there is a price to friendship.

That's right, most Brits would dump their closest friend for just £131,000, according to a new study.

Foxy Bingo asked 20,000 men and women how much cash they'd need to bin their bestie – and found us ladies were less loyal.

The average gal would give up their best pal for just £106,000 – while blokes needed £180,000 to say goodbye.

Glaswegians were the most loyal Brits, asking for £200,000 to dump their mates.

And you may think your friend's got your back, but 15 per cent of people polled admitted to bad-mouthing a mate behind their back.

While a further 11 per cent have Whatsapp groups where they've deliberately excluded some of their pals.

Shockingly, seven per cent of Brits admitted to flirting with their mate's other half – while six per cent had actually kissed them.

Despite this, most Brits still considered themselves to be great mates – when they're not auctioning them off to the highest bidder, that is.

Some 84 per cent willing to lie to protect a friend and 21 per cent saying they'd back them no matter what they'd done.

"This study is a fascinating look into the nature of friendship," says Kim Mills, Sponsorship & Partnerships Manager at Foxy Bingo.

"Although some people would sell their best friend down the river for some cash, it's reassuring to see that most Brits value friendship and are loyal to their pals."

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