T.I. & Tiny’s Daughter Heiress, 2, Proves She’s A Total Sass Queen With Hilarious New Video

Like mother, like daughter. In a funny new video, T.I. and Tiny’s youngest, Heiress, proved she’s just as fierce as her parents by saying ‘y’all disgust me’ like the young queen that she is!

“Y’all disgust me,” Heiress, the 2-year-old daughter of Tameka “Tiny” Harris, 43, and T.I., 38, said in what looks like an Instagram Stories video, captured by The Shade Room. The clip shows the adorable top throwing shade well beyond her years. “Y’all disgust me, guys!” she shouts, following it up with a raspberry. Seeing this two-year-old stick out her tongue and spit is probably the cutest thing anyone is going to see on the Internet today.

Though, the video does raise some questions: who are the “guys” she’s talking about? How did Heiress learn “Y’all disgust me?” Who’s taping the video? So many questions, but one thing is known for sure: this is the sassiest toddler this side of a tot when told they can’t listen to “Baby Shark” anymore.

Though, Heiress isn’t always throwing sass and acting like the bawse. During the holidays, the little one was on TV One’s Sister Circle for her first official television appearance. She joined her mom to promote The Royal Collection by Heiress Harris nail polish line, but there was another special guest on the program: Santa Claus! Chalk it up to nerves or being star-struck, but Heiress suddenly turned quiet and shy when she saw him! All in all, it was all kinds of adorable.

Prior to meeting Santa, Heiress was talking off a storm in a video posted to her mother’s Instagram, as she showed off all the words she’s learned. Her favorite color? “Black!” Her name? “Heiress!” Her mommy’s name? “Tameka.” Her daddy’s name? “Tip.” Her favorite book? “The baby one.” (Okay, that was a hard question for a two-year-old.) Her favorite holiday? “Christmas!”

Though, she might change her vote on that, since her birthday is coming up. It’s hard to believe but Heiress is turning 3-years-old in March. Last year, her daddy went all-out to celebrate her birthday. From the moment she woke up to her actual birthday party, later in the day, Tip and Tiny showered their girl in love. When the bash began, Heiress partied with friends and some time with a special guest – Elmo! “Celebrating our little Princess,” Tiny captioned the pics. “Thank you to all who came out [on a] late notice on a Monday to make her day special.”

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