Open Post: Hosted By James McAvoy Talking About Shaving His Balls In Front Of His Grandparents

You wouldn’t think a story about shaving your nutshack could be cute, but this one kind of qualifies. James McAvoy is plugging some flicks (including that supposed turd Glass), so he was on Graham Norton and told a darling story about the first time he shaved his nethers. As any man knows, that’s a dicey prospect at any age. And he did it for the first time at 12!

(My advice to the mens? Just trim it enough that no one is going to have to pick anything out of their teeth after being down there. It’s just good manners. *crickets* Just sayin’. *shrugs* I know. Your Saturday wouldn’t have been complete without reading that.)

James explained that he used his grandfather’s razor to do the deed. After nicking himself, he stopped and put it away and thought he had cleaned everything up so no one would be the wiser. Luckily for cute nutsack shaving stories, that wasn’t the case. What’s amusing is that his grandparents were IN Graham Norton’s audience for this tale. You can see how amused Grams was by all this.

“Granda” still seemed to think it was funny, though. The takeaway here is that stories about crotch-grooming are much more palatable if you have an adorable Scottish accent.

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