The cleansing ear treatment that should replace using cotton buds

Don’t use cotton buds or other objects to clean out your ear as this can actually push wax further down the ear canal.Credit:Mayo Clinic

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Road Test

This week I try … a clinical ear clean

The lowdown

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I was intrigued when I received an invitation from Earworx as I'm always on the lookout for the more unusual treatments. And boy did I learn a lot about ear wax! It is produced by glands in the skin of the cartilaginous portion of the ear and helps protect the ear canal and ear drum from dust and bacteria. The production of wax is a natural healthy function, helping the ear clean itself.

Migration of wax out of the ear occurs naturally, but sometimes builds up and needs to be removed. With all that info on board, I'm ready to add professional earwax removal, in which a dry micro-suction device is used to work on releasing the wax, to my beauty routine. Warning: don't use cotton buds or other objects to clean out your ear as this can actually push wax further down the ear canal, resulting in wax becoming compacted.

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Pain factor  It feels a little tickly.

Downtime Thirty minutes.

Results My ears certainly felt cleaner and hearing was clearer.

Where to get it Earworx, Cost: $125.

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At home Never put anything smaller than your elbow in your ear.

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